Autumnz Serene Double Rechargeable Breast Pump

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Autumnz SERENE Double Electric Breastpump, designed to mimic baby's natural suckling pattern, comes with the following features:

3 Pumping Modes : Massage, Expression & Power Expression modes for effective & efficient pumping

*Massage mode will operate up to a maximum 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, it will automatically switch to expression/power expression mode, depending on the last mode you were in before powering off in previous pumping

-Comes with Rechargeable & Removable Lithium-Ion Battery

-Memory Function to set personalized suction level

-3 Pumping Modes (Massage, Expression and Power Expression Modes)

-Multi Suction Levels (6 Suction Levels for Each Mode) -Anti Backflow Mechanism

-Dual Power Source

-Light , Portable & Ultra Quiet

-LCD Display


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